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Sproxil, Inc

Sproxil, Inc., a privately backed organization, provides world-class brand protection for emerging markets through software and services that work anywhere there are mobile phones. Simple, easy to use and with no consumer capital investment, Sproxil offers a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting strategy for cash-based societies. Delivering automatic protection, simple labels and robust back-end analytics with its Mobile Product AuthenticationTM (MPA) solution, Sproxil enables consumers to text message an item-unique code for a rapid response that confirms a brand’s genuineness. Our solution also helps companies connect directly to their consumers through customized text message responses – such as disease management tips – and ads that specifically target those demographics with known buying behaviors. Learn more at

  • Contact Info
  • 1 Fitchburg St. C320
    Somerville, MA 02143
    (209) 877-7694
  • Technology Awards
  • 2010 - Winner - Mobile Infrastructure, PwC Promise Award
    Mobile Product Authentication (TM)

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